Our team

Michael McKenna

Michael McKenna


With over 15 years industry experience including BBC and EndemolShine, Michael has successfully grown companies producing content for Netflix, Discovery, Channel 4 and many more.  He is a leader, an innovator and a disruptor, operating at a unique intersection in creativity and business to produce world class content.

Michael McKenna

Monica Hinden

Executive Producer

With 20 years of experience as an Executive Producer, Monica has brought countless high - end concepts from the printed page to the screen. Monica is an expert problem solver and no stranger to logistical nightmares. From Monica’s point of view, nothing is a problem - relax, let her handle it.

Michael McKenna

Christopher McKenna


Chris has 20 years of experience as an advertising creative director and as a director of commercials, promos and branded entertainment for household-name shows and commercial brands. When not Directing for Final Pixel, Chris also runs a successful LA based creative agency - Wee Beastie.


Suzel Tuesta Flores

Finance Director

When it comes to the numbers, Suzel has got it covered. She has extensive experience managing the finances for successful production companies, bringing in process improvements to grow profits and driving businesses forward to meet their goals.


Steven Hubbard

VFX Supervisor

Steven brings a pedigree forged over 25 years in Film, Television and Commercials.  His high profile credits are too numerous to list, including Life of Pi, Transformers, X-Men and Black Sails.  With an Oscar and multiple Emmy's under his belt, Steven is an accomplished professional.


Virtual Art Department


Our Virtual Art Department is a unique network of talented 3D modellers, Archviz specialists, environment artists and Oscar winning VFX experts.  They are the beating heart of what we do. If you can dream it, they will make it happen.  Our team is global - Final Pixel never sleeps.


Physical Production


From Emmy award winning Directors of Photography to the most innovative and talented Art Directors, our extensive network of trusted creative professionals are breaking new ground in pioneering Virtual Production and creative collaboration on set to create stunning in-camera VFX.